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Terms of Service
This lease with the "Fast Car Rent" Inh. Ferdi Sahintekin (hereinafter referred to as landlord) is subject to the following provisions. Part of the rental contract are also the provisions of the applicable rental tariffs, which have been handed over to the tenant and are attached to the lease. With his signature, the renter confirms that he has read these regulations and agrees with them.
1. The rental vehicle is checked by the landlord for the ability to drive for the time of handover to the tenant. Existing deficiencies (such as body damage, stone chips, etc.) are documented in the handover report.

2. The renter is obliged to check the rental vehicle for proper condition and to verify the lack of defects. The tenant is obliged to mention newly added damage and defects to the landlord immediately.

3. For visible damage that is not recorded at the time of handover to the renter, it is assumed that these were incurred during the ownership of the renter.

4. The rental vehicle is handed over to the tenant with a full tank. The renter has to return the vehicle with a full tank. If this is not the case, the landlord is entitled to charge one and a half times the cost of the tank to the tenant.

5. The vehicle is monitored by commercial location systems.

6. The renter is obliged to treat the vehicle with care and to carefully observe all existing regulations and laws for the use of a motor vehicle. Engine oil level, coolant level and tire pressure must be checked regularly by the renter. Also, the fuel bills must be presented at the time of delivery of the rented vehicle to ensure that the correct fuel has been tanked.

7. The vehicle may only be driven by the renter for the rental period. This is listed by name on the lease. The renter must be at least 23 years old and have a valid driver's license. The landlord may require further conditions for the permission to use the rental vehicle, which will be announced to the tenant before the conclusion of the contract. Also, the minimum age can be reduced by a maximum of two years against the "young driver" - reduction insurance, which is associated with additional costs.

8. The renter agrees to treat the vehicle carefully and conscientiously.

9. The minimum rental period is 8 hours. If the contractually agreed return date is not met, the lease will be extended by one day for each additional hour begun. The renter has to pay the original rental price for this vehicle for one day.

10. The renter is prohibited from using the rented vehicle:

• to transport prohibited or dangerous goods;
• to use it in any sporting event (such as races, rallies or any other type of sporting competition, driver training or off-road driving);
• to transport persons for consideration;
• if more people are carried than the maximum allowed in the authorization;
• if the payload exceeds the permissible gross weight;
• to give driving lessons, also free of charge;
• to tow or push other vehicles;
• if the renter is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
• if there is a malfunction of the odometer;
• if there is a breakdown or a mechanical or technical defect;
• if the renter is deprived of the driving license, confiscated or permanently or temporarily invalidated for any other reason;
• on non-tarred or paved public roads within the Federal Republic of Germany and the countries explicitly mentioned in the rental agreement.
• If the renter wants to use the vehicle in other countries as well, he must obtain the written consent of the landlord. Due to changing regional risks, the landlord reserves the right to refuse or revoke any use in the other countries requested by the tenant.

11. It is forbidden to modify the rental vehicle, to change the technical equipment, to remove or add accessories or to affix stickers or inscriptions to the rental vehicle.

12. The renter is not allowed to lend the rental vehicle or to lend to other persons commercially or privately.

13. The hirer must notify the lessor of any breakdown and any technical defect immediately stating his current whereabouts. The landlord will confirm this message in writing to the tenant.

14. A repair is to be carried out at the nearest authorized dealer of the vehicle brand of the hired vehicle. Prior to a repair order the written consent of the landlord is to be obtained.

15. If the breakdown or technical defect is not attributable to an unauthorized or careless handling of the rental vehicle, the lessor will reimburse the amount demonstrably paid by the renter to the authorized repairer, however, up to an amount of 150 €, upon presentation of the invoice. Glass and tire damage are not affected by this regulation. The landlord may also require the renter to hand over the replaced parts.

16. If the breakdown or technical defect is due to unauthorized or careless handling of the tenant, or if the damage is due to glass or puncture, the lessee is liable for all resulting damages and costs.

17. If due to the repair, the rented vehicle will be returned to the landlord only after expiry of the rental period provided in the lease, the tenant has to pay for the entire period until the actual return of the vehicle the agreed pro rata daily rental price resulting from the rental tariff. This does not apply if the breakdown or defect is not due to unauthorized or careless handling of the vehicle by the renter.

18. Claims by the renter for reduction, compensation for damages and reimbursement of expenses due to a breakdown or a technical defect or any other defect of the rented vehicle are excluded. In particular, the landlord is not obliged to provide the renter with a replacement vehicle for the period in which the rented vehicle can not be used due to the breakdown or technical defect.

19. The hirer must inform the lessor immediately if he loses his driving license or if he should be confiscated or permanently or temporarily invalid.

20. The renter undertakes not to leave the rented vehicle without having ascertained that the doors have been locked, the windows have been raised, the roof has been closed, the steering wheel lock has been locked in place and the key has been removed. The lessee releases the landlord from any liability for damage to objects that are transported in the vehicle.

21. The tenant is insured by a liability and comprehensive insurance concluded by the landlord. This insurance provides for a deductible amounting to the amount stated in the rental agreement, which is to be borne by the renter. This insurance covers statutory claims for damages of third parties.

22. Due to the reduction insurance "Tier I" amounting to € 39.00 per calendar day, the deductible can be reduced from € 10,000.00 to € 7,000.00 in the event of a claim. This also reduces the deposit to be deposited from € 3,500.00 to € 1,500.00.

23. Due to the reduction insurance "Stage II" in the amount of € 59.00 per calendar day, the excess can be reduced in case of a claim of € 10,000.00 to € 4,000.00. This also reduces the deposit to be deposited from € 3,500.00 to € 500.00.

24. The lessee who has taken out a reduction insurance is obliged to contribute to the complete clarification of the damage in the event of a loss. Should this not be the case, the reduction insurance does not apply and the renter is liable up to the amount of the excess set out in the rental agreement.

25. If liability insurance refuses all or part of its services in application of the insurance contract, the renter remains fully liable for damages and must indemnify the lessor against claims for damages by third parties and reimburse damages already incurred. This applies in particular in the event that the refusal of liability insurance is due to the behavior of the lessee.

26. However, should the comprehensive insurance deny their services in whole or in part and that the tenant's behavior is the cause, the renter must reimburse the landlord for all damage not compensated by the comprehensive insurance.

27. Regardless of the choice of the cascade system, the lessee has to reimburse the lessor for the loss of the vehicle for each day of failure in the event of vehicle damage. The lessee has to reimburse the landlord for loss even if the vehicle damage was not caused by the fault of the lessee or force majeure (riots, civil war, earthquakes, floods) and the person responsible is not established.

1. In the event of accidents or any other damage, in particular theft, attempted theft, vandalism, force majeure, the renter is obliged to take all appropriate measures immediately to protect the interests of the landlord. He is in particular held:
2. Notify the landlord immediately and confirm the message in writing;
3. to create an accident report;
4. Have a police report produced.

29. Bei Unfällen garantiert der Mieter die Rückführungskosten des Fahrzeugs in die Pallaswiesenstraße 180, 64293 Darmstadt zu übernehmen.

30. The landlord excludes all liability for delays, losses or damage resulting from an accident with the vehicle.

31. The renter guarantees to replace all damage caused by loss or damage of the vehicle.

32. The obligation of replacement of the renter is independent of the cause of the damage.

33. The lessee expressly assures, upon conclusion of the rental agreement, the rental price resulting from the rental tariff and the rental period, as well as all fees, claims for damages, reimbursements and expenses associated with the contract or the applicable rental tariff.

34. The kilometer fees are calculated on the basis of the original odometer in the vehicle rented. Also, the mileage of the GPS tracker can be used for this purpose.

35. If the rented vehicle suffers a breakdown, a defect, an accident or otherwise causes any damage to the rented vehicle or is stolen, the renter remains obliged to pay the rental price up to the date originally agreed for the return of the vehicle. This does not affect the obligation of the renter to reimburse further damages and costs to the landlord.

36. If the renter has caused or was involved in a breakdown, a defect, an accident or any other damage to the rented vehicle and the repair of the rented vehicle lasts longer than the originally contracted rental period, the renter is obliged to: for each day of late return, the additional rent resulting for this period and resulting from the rental fee also to pay.

37. If the renter wishes to reserve a vehicle in advance for a certain period of time, he must inform the lessor in writing. The renter has his / her identity card, driver's license, (if the renter wishes to pay by credit card) his credit card numbers and a signed copy of these general terms and conditions of the landlord.

38. The reservation is binding on the tenant if the landlord has received these documents and confirmed the reservation in writing.

39. For the reservation it is finally necessary to pay a deposit of 20% of the total price.

40. If the renter wants to cancel the reservation, he has to pay the landlord a cancellation fee. This amount depends on the vehicle rented and the time of cancellation. For which vehicles a cancellation fee applies, is stated in the rental tariff expressly for the respective categories. If the cancellation takes place within 72 to 24 hours before the originally planned start of the rental, the renter has to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the rent resulting from the originally agreed rental period. It is assumed that a minimum rental period of 3 days.

41. If the cancellation occurs only within the last 24 hours before the originally planned start of rental, the renter must pay the entire rent for the originally agreed rental period. It is assumed that a minimum rental period of 3 days.

42. This cancellation fee does not apply to the originally reserved days during which the landlord succeeds in leasing the vehicle originally reserved by the renter to another renter.

43. The lessee hereby guarantees and personally assures the landlord the payment of the agreed rental price as well as any other claim from the lessor under this contract. The Lessee further guarantees the Lessor to fully replace any vehicle damage or loss incurred by him during his rental period up to the amount of the current value. Insurance benefits are credited against this vehicle damage.

44. For the security of all claims of the landlord from this contract, in particular the claims on the costs of the insurance including the deductible and all claims for damages and reimbursement, the tenant hands the security deposit in cash, by bank transfer, on-site payment by debit card or by Reservation of the rental deposit via a credit card.

45. If the renter does not use the rented vehicle in Germany or the other countries explicitly mentioned in the rental agreement and if damage is caused to the rented vehicle or the vehicle is stolen in such another country, the renter is fully liable for this damage , In the event that the vehicle is stolen, the renter has to replace the time value.

46. The lessee undertakes to return the hired vehicle in perfect condition, including all accessories and documents handed over by the landlord, to the lessor or an agent named in writing by the landlord on the agreed date in the rental agreement. Decisive for the exact time of the return is the time in which the tenant has taken the car in receipt. An additional rental day will be charged as soon as the vehicle is returned more than three hours later.

47. If the renter wishes in writing to return the vehicle to another location, he is only entitled to do so if the landlord gives his consent in writing and, if necessary, designates a representative to whom all handed out vehicle keys are to be handed over.

48. Any request for renewal of the present contract must be submitted in writing to the lessor at least 24 hours before the expiry of the agreed contract term.

49. The landlord is entitled at any time to demand the return of the vehicle and to terminate the contract if the renter violates his obligations under this contract.

50. If the renter leaves the vehicle to a place not previously accepted by the landlord in writing, the renter is obliged to pay compensation. This is EUR 2.50 per kilometer between the place where the vehicle was parked and the place where the return is contracted.

51. If the rented vehicle is not returned at the agreed time, the rental period shall be extended by each calendar day commenced.

52. A right of retention of the renter to the rented vehicle is excluded.

53. When returning the landlord examines the vehicle for immediately visible damage.

These are recorded on the supplementary sheet of the lease (transfer protocol). If at a later time further damage (eg after a car wash) become visible, the landlord informs the tenant in writing.

54. The renter is obliged to comply with the traffic regulations and legal regulations of the countries in which he rents the hired vehicle. The renter is liable for fines and punishments incurred during the rental period. The service fee for the execution of a survey received by the landlord on the part of the regulatory authorities regarding an offense of the tenant is flat rate 19.99 € and will be charged to the tenant.

55. If a return of the vehicle has already taken place, the lessor is entitled to subsequently collect the refund of the paid fines on the basis of the credit card guarantee and to charge a service fee for this.

56. Agreements outside this contract must be in writing. This applies to regulations concerning the written form requirement.

57. The non-exercise by one of the parties of any right conferred by these General Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of the rights arising therefrom.

58. The present contract is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

59. The contract language is German.

60. For disputes arising from this lease, only the district court Darmstadt is competent.

61. Should the renter hand over the sports car to another person who has not been declared as a driver in the rental agreement and in the order confirmation, the renter is entitled to charge a fine of EUR 250.00 to the renter for each individual rental day ,

62. Place of performance for all services provided by the landlord and the tenant is Darmstadt.

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